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Happy Easter and Khmer New Year

Happy Easter and Happy Khmer New Year to all my friends and family here in Cambodia.  This week should be the biggest Cambodian holiday of the year.  Wisely the government have advised that Khmer New Year celebrations should be put on hold to help stop the spread of covid-19.  Last week it was also announced that inter country travel would be stopped for this week so that people were not able to travel from province to province.  I was sad to miss the Khmer New Year celebrations as this would have been my first time in Cambodian to celebrate this time of year.  In the midst of the change and quiet I have enjoyed my own personal Easter celebrations. I have been able to join my church at home online and I have been able to listen to different sermons and join in worship times which have been special.  It has been a very different Easter time in so so many ways but I have been aware of God’s presence with me and comforting me at this strange time. Thank you to everyone who has messaged to check in on me I really appreciate you all.


This is outside the big Pagado near Elim centre

Last week before the travel restrictions were put in place we went to visit one of the recent Befree graduates at her home province.  She just recently moved back home.  This month a team of men from the church went to her home and helped to build a small shop for her.  This was what she wished to do after finishing at Befree.  She wanted to run her own shop and sell food and every day household products. Through money that was gifted to her family they were also able to build a toilet out the back of her house.  Thank you to Bangor Elim Church who made this possible.  It was a great day going to see her.  With all the sadness and anxiety of these current days it was nice to see what GOOD things God is still doing in people’s lives.  We all felt very proud of her working in her shop and we were able to buy some cold drinks to cool down in the sun.  Please continue to pray for ‘K’ as she settles back into life in her home.  We all miss her in Phnom Penh but pray she will be an influence and light with her family and in her province.


New toilet for ‘K’ and her family

This past week we also prepared homework for our preschool Early Learning Centre children.  We have all been missing the children and we wanted to send some resources for them to work on at home.  Included in the homework resources were Easter pages. We felt it was important to remind the children that this is such an important time of year.  We wanted them to know about Jesus and remember what he has done for them.  Most of these packs have now been collected by parents from the centre.  Please continue to pray for our children and for their families. We know it is a difficult time for children across the world as their normal daily routines have been totally changed.  We pray and look forward to the day when the Early Learning Centre can open again and we get to see all the lovely smiling faces of the children as we enter the centre.


Sokhom with the homework packs

Over the past few weeks I have been able to do some teaching online.  This is a whole new experience for me but I am so glad to connect with the Early Learning Centre staff and continue to help them learn English. We are trying to do 2 calls per week and I continue to ask questions about their well being.  The last lesson we did we talked about what they and their families would normally do over Khmer New Year and we shared prayer requests with each other.


Our first online English class

It is difficult to listen and watch everything that is happening around the world. We are all experiencing challenges and difficulties because of covid-19.  Hearing of more and more sickness and deaths is so hard.  I am praying and will continue to do so for the nations that this virus will end soon and that there will be comfort for all those who have been deeply impacted by it.  I know of people across the world who have lost jobs due to this current situation and I am praying they will be supported at this time.  I am so glad that I know Jesus.  Some days are so difficult and my thoughts can run away with me.  I am thankful that he is my anchor and that he never changes.  So in this time of great uncertainty for so many I am thankful that I can turn to Jesus in the midst of everything that is going on.   Please continue to pray for Cambodia. Pray for us here that we will be protected and that the virus will not spread more.  Pray for those who are experiencing financial difficulties, for those who are sick, for those who are concerned about their families and their future.  Pray that God’s hand will continue to be upon this nation.  I love this country and the people here. Please pray for me as I live here and support my friends and as they support me. Please keep my family in your prayers as it is extra difficult to be so far apart during this time.


Love Sophie x






Homework for ELC – easter pages