December in Cambodia

I still find it hard to believe it is now December and only 2 weeks until Christmas. Even though the temperatures have dropped a little here it is still hot and strange to see Christmas trees and hear Christmas music in the shops in the middle of the sunshine.  We have decorated the church ready for our Christmas service on Sunday 22nd December.  This is an opportunity to invite the people from the local community to come and hear the good news about Jesus.

This past week the church planting team went to Kep to join with a family and celebrate  Christmas. There is a lot to praise God for within this family.  A few weeks ago when my parents and I were in Kep with Pastor Piset and Roger we visited this family in much need of God and freedom from their current circumstances. How amazing it was to hear last week that this family have now given their lives to Jesus.  And their situation is changing and the family have said they feel loved and valued for the first time in many years.  Please keep praying for this family and their 3 adult children as they get to know more about God and walk in the freedom that he has for them.

Last week was an exciting time for everyone in the Early Learning Centre.  There was a team of 3 educators from Singapore who came to help train and input ideas into the Preschool and toddler classes.


Chanty, Quee lyn, Annie, Patrina, Nita and I.

I am happy to report that our first outing went really well.  All of the children behaved so well and enjoyed the experience.  There was lots to see at the safari and all the children smiled throughout the morning.  I want to say  a big well done to Nita and Sokhom and the preschool staff who worked so hard to make this happen.  It was a huge success and all of the parents were happy with the children getting to go on this new experience.  Also thank you to Annie, Patrina and Quee Lyn who gave their time last week to help at the ELC and give valuable ideas for improvement in the future.

I have really enjoyed all of my English classes this month as I have mostly focused on teaching about Christmas.  I have talked about the normal traditions at Christmas time and then been able to share about the gospel story of Christmas and Jesus’ birth.  I look forward to continuing this over the next few weeks.  Please pray for all my students that they will be impacted by the good news they hear.

I have been enjoying some time with friends here who will be heading back home for Christmas.  I am looking forward to spending Christmas here in Cambodia.  I am glad to be with my Khmer family and look forward to the different events that will take place in the next few weeks. Please remember me and my family in your prayers as we are apart as I do miss them lots and will especially miss being with them at this Christmas time.

I want to thank you all of your love and encouragement this year.  I hope each of you who are reading this have a really wonderful Christmas with your family and loved ones.  I will be in touch again before the New Year.

Love and Blessings from Cambodia.


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