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A long time coming…

Firstly I want to apologize for taking so long to write this newsletter. I have now celebrated my 4th month back in Cambodia and some weeks the time just flies by.  I have just had my parents here in Cambodia for 3 wonderful weeks and we have been super busy.

But it is good to sit and write and reflect on all that has happened in November.  Here are some updates on the different ministries at Elim Cambodia.

Early Learning Centre

The ELC was  blessed with a gift from the UK which they recently used to purchase new playground equipment for the children.  The new play equipment is bright coloured, fun and age appropriate for the children.  The first day that the children went to the new playground there were screams of laughter and fun from them and from the staff.  Thank you to the school in the UK whose children raised this money.  The children and staff in Cambodia are very grateful for you.

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Nita with the new play equipment

Next week we will be taking the Preschool children to Phnom Penh Safari.  This will be their first outing and we are really looking forward to this experience for both the staff and children. Please pray for the safety of the children.  We go on Thursday this coming week.  I look forward to posting pictures soon of our time at the Safari.


This past month in Befree has been busy as the girls have been working hard to finish some Christmas decorations that are being sent to the UK for the Christmas season. Sokim and one of the girls did a Befree stall in Cambodia at the start of the month and they did so well to share about the vision of Befree and make a lovely stall for all the beautiful Befree items.

Church Planting

This past week the first official training session took place for pastors and leaders in Cambodia.  This was follow up from the previous training in October.  The reports from this past week have been really encouraging and all of the pastors and leaders are still in unison with their desire to see Cambodia come to know about Jesus and that every village would have a church planted in it.  The next session will take place in February 2020.  Please pray for these leaders as they go back to their provinces and carry out the training that they have learnt this week.

English Classes

Monday and Thursday evening English classes are going well and the students are still coming along.  Please continue to pray as we look forward to the new year and what way we can develop and grow this ministry.  All the staff in Befree and the Early Learning Centre are still eager to learn more English.  The children are continuing to move through the curriculum that has been set up for them to learn English.

Finally I want to finish by sharing about by time with my parents in Cambodia.  Now that they have gone home I feel quite sad and a little bit lonely after we spent 3 amazing weeks together. It feels a little like a dream that they were here seeing my world here and enjoying everything in Cambodia.  We were able to visit Kep and Siem Reap which are both beautiful and really interesting places in Cambodia.  My Mum and Dad really embraced Cambodia and took on the adventure that everyday here has to offer.

From the word go everything was an adventure.  Their suitcases did not arrive in Phnom Penh so we had a fun first morning picking up some essentials in the Russian Market.  We traveled around in Tuk tuks everyday and Mum and Dad both had a ride on the back of a moto which they both enjoyed.  My parents said that they fell in love with the Khmer people.  Every person that they met was super friendly and welcoming to them.  They were able to spend a lot of time at Elim which was really special for me to introduce my parents to my Khmer family here. They loved being greeted by the smiling and wonderful kids at the ELC.  Time in Befree was so special for my parents to meet the precious girls there and see this ministry in real life as it is somewhere they have heard many people talk about for so long.  My Mum shared her testimony in Befree and really encouraged the girls that the same God who healed her many years ago is the same God today that loves and cares about them.  My Dad preached one Sunday morning in Church, even with a short power cut he was able to boldly share what God had laid on his heart. He shared from Matthew 6 and encouraged us to fix our eyes on Jesus and seek his kingdom first and everything else would be taken care of.  We had many laughs together and special times. We also cried together as we witnessed the sadness and brokeness that some people are facing.  A highlight for us all was joining Pastor Piset and Roger in Kep as they went to visit a family in one of the villages.  God’s presence was mighty with us that day and he really ministered to all of us and that particular family.

I can’t believe their time in Cambodia is already over but I am so so thankful that my Mum and Dad were able to come here. I am thankful we had no sick tummies and God really looked after us all and gave us a great time together.  Thank you to my Mum and Dad for being so generous and kind to everyone you met here. Thank you for caring about Cambodia and the people here. You are both so important to me and I am where I am today because of your leading, guidance and love.  They are now safely home in Northern Ireland and they are tired and freezing! Please pray for them as they adjust to life back at home and process this whole experience.